Personal Finance: Easy. Relevant. Fun., 3/e


Personal Finance, 3E

Personal Finance, 3E

Bill Pratt, Mark C. Weitzel, Len Rhodes
ISBN 13: 978-0-9818702-7-4
(c) 2016 – Viaticus Publishing – Paper, 480 pp
Published 1/1/2016 – In Stock
Suggested Retail Price: $100.00

Personal Finance, 3E is a textbook designed for college students or high school juniors and seniors. Unlike a traditional finance textbook that focuses primarily on investments and other “business” related topics, Personal Finance focuses on everyday personal finance situations. The text begins with the connection between college and careers. Students quickly learn that the decisions they make in college will affect their careers. They are taught how to make the most of college and how to minimize their costs. Students will also learn the most effective ways to pay for college, and what to expect when it comes to student loans and their repayment options and responsibilities.

The text is not designed just for business students but rather for all students. Students will learn how to buy a car, how to handle credit cards, how to rent or buy a house, what to expect their first day on the job when it comes to paperwork and much more. The content is relevant to students of all ages and can be used for freshmen as well as seniors and everyone in between.


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