About Us

About Viaticus Publishing

Viaticus Publishing is the publishing and printing division of Viaticus Group, a financial education company. The company was founded by college instructors and entrepreneurs from different walks of life who share a passion for the success of students in their personal, financial, and professional lives. The company founders formed an immediate friendship and saw the growing need for financial literacy both on and off the campus. After being sought by outside organizations, reporters, and individuals for their expert advice, the founders formed Viaticus Group to combine their expert skills and knowledge to create the resources and the consulting necessary to help universities create and deliver programs and content in a relevant and fun manner to their students and to help students and parents in their quest for financial education.

Why Viaticus? The term Viaticus is Latin for Money. More appropriately, it means Money from a Journey. The term seemed perfect since the founders believe that life is a journey to be enjoyed. Since one cannot separate their financial lives from their personal and professional lives, then making the best decisions with one’s money will lead to a much more enjoyable journey along the way.